Wedding Fashion Guide for Your Pooch

We're absolutely loving seeing more and more pups being involved in their pawrents' wedding ceremony!
With Wedding Season quickly approaching, don't forget to think about what your most important family member is going to wear on your big day.
We've made your life simple by creating a list of our top picks for pup wedding fashion. Unlike your wedding dress, your little fur babe will get to recycle all of these goodies again and again!

1. The Kash Bow Tie - $59 

Say no to the cheap Tuxedo costume, and say 'I Do' to the elegant and stylish Kash Bow Tie, as modelled by @mini_theodore

2. Theo Lead - $129 
Make sure you don't forget a gorgeous collar and lead set for the ceremony. The Theo set is a perfect choice for any wedding - elegant, timeless and classic. Pair it with the Theo Collar to complete the set.

3. Daisy Bandana - $34.95 

Who needs a flower girl when you can dress your little bestie in the Daisy Bandana? We love this piece - understated yet super stylish. Modelled by @mrbertiebrown.

4. Rosa Floral Navy Bandana - $34 
Add some bright colours to the ceremony with the rosa floral navy bandana. We have loads of floral options so you can match your little BFF with your bouquet!

5. Gwen Bandana - $41.95 
The Gwen Bandana will look incredible on your pooch if you're having a Boho-themed wedding. ( Just make sure your pup doesn't get more attention than you in this gorgeous head-turner! ) Modelled by @louisbringstheswag

6. Stella's Blend No. 2 Dog Shampoo - $29.95 
Let's be real - you won't have time to take your pup to the local doggy spa the morning of your wedding. To keep your little fur child looking fresh for all the photos ops, give them a bath leading up to the big day. This shampoo will keep their hair fluffy for days, and smelling gorgeous for all your guests. If they need a little pick-me-up the morning of the wedding, a little spritz of our Dog Deodoriser will do the trick.

Have an upcoming wedding and want some doggy fashion advice? Flick us an email at or DM us on Instagram or Facebook. We would love to help you pick the perfect outfit for your pup on your big day!

Cover photo courtesy of @kayfishphoto