Top Tips for Preparing for a New Dog

So you’re getting a new dog?! The first few weeks of dog ownership are so exciting, but this time can also be quite stressful if you’re not prepared for your new fur child. Read on to find out our top tips for getting your home ready for your newest family member.

1. Have their bed ready

Before your new fur baby arrives, make sure you have their bed ready. Sure, you might have plans for them to sleep in your bed, but it’s always good for your pooch to have a bed or a space that’s only theirs for when they want downtime.  If you’re getting a puppy, think about how big they’re going to get so that you don’t have to replace their bed when they’re fully grown. The good thing about beds is that you can buy something they can ‘grow into’. 

2. Toys are a must!

Make sure you have a collection of toys at the ready before your new dog arrives. This is especially important if you are getting a new puppy with endless energy ( this will also save your favourite shoes being chewed on ). Organise their toys into a basket to keep your house looking tidy.

3. Get some accessories for all the #newdogspam

We all know that you can’t get a new dog without taking hundreds of photos and spamming all your friends and family. Freshen up their look with some super cute accessories that are bound to get hearts melting. Think bandanas, jumpers and bow ties!

4. Don’t forget WALKIES

We all know that their favourite thing to do is go for walks, so make sure you have their first collar and lead bought before you bring them home.

5. Keep them smelling fresh AF

Your new dog is going to meet so many people and pups in their first few weeks. Have their grooming products at the ready to keep them smelling fresh for all their new furrriends. Our top pick is the Waterless Dog Shampoo, to slowly ease them into bathtime, while still keeping them clean and smelling amazing!

6. Make sure everyone knows their name!

Get a stylish collar tag engraved before they arrive. An engraved collar tag will help get them home safely if they manage to escape in their first few weeks. They’ll also have something to show off their personality, plus everyone they meet will know their name!

Confused or need help? We’ve helped lots of new dog-owners make decisions when it comes to shopping for their newest furry family member. Swing us an email, or DM us on Insta of Facebook if you need help or just want someone else’s opinion! We’re always more than happy to help out fellow dog- owners xx

Cover Photo courtesy of @clari_calahari