Behind the Brand - Molly Barker

Molly Barker is an Australian-based sophisticated line of premium dog accessories; priding itself on extending luxury beyond a walk in the park. We sit down with owner, Angela, to chat all things dog, luxury and what the future holds for this gorgeous brand.

We would love to hear a bit about Molly Barker, who’s behind it and how it was developed.

Four years ago I adopted a Great Dane x Labrador named Molly. After shopping for a bed and other items for her, I quickly realised everything on the market seemed to be designed for small dogs with an emphasis on being cute. Being a large black dog, Molly had an elegance about her, and having spent a lot of time decorating my home interiors, I didn’t want her things to blemish my own style. So I quit my corporate job and set out to find the best artisans to create a collection of accessories and beds that were elegant, high quality and enhanced functionality for both human and canine.

Another important mission of mine was to address the lack of grooming products that offered healing benefits for dogs like Molly who had sensitive and flaky skin. I tried everything on the market including medicated and natural products, but none offered long term relief. I’m so proud of our range. Made right here in Australia using natural and organic ingredients, each formulation is luxurious and improves the condition of dogs coats and skin.

-- Angela with her adopted Great Dane x Labrador named Molly

Tell us more about the materials used in your products.

Our Sasha Collection is made with real Italian leather and customised hardware. Unlike pleather or other materials, our leather gets better with age so our products are more durable and maintain a  beautiful aesthetic.

Our bed frames are made from strong aluminium so they can hold between 30 - 45kg.

Our grooming products are made from locally sourced natural and organic ingredients such as spiced cucumber, mint, lavender and macadamia oil just to name a few.

Even our packaging is made to be friendly to the environment as they are biodegradable, reusable and recyclable.

What does luxury mean for Molly Barker?

Luxury means designing beautiful products that feel comfortable and indulgent no matter often they’re used.

Where do you get inspiration from when working on a new line?

We’re inspired by current trends in fashion and homewares. Molly Barker is not just a designer of beautiful dog accessories it’s a lifestyle. So we’re always looking for ideas that blur the lines between canine and human.

Tell us about Molly and your favourite things to do together

Molly is the perfect mix of smart, silly and sweet.  Whether it’s putting her toys away when I ask her, or hiding in the car so I have to take her with me, she just makes me laugh.

My favourite time with Molly is when we snuggle on the couch after a long day. We also love going to our local dog beach. Seeing her bounce around with joy as she plays with all the other dogs makes my heart smile.

What’s something your customers might not know about you?

My first career was in the fitness industry. I worked as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Club Manager for many years. So a healthy lifestyle full of passion and positivity is still very ingrained in me.

Giving back to the community is also important to me and needed to be part of Molly Barker’s core values. Teaming up with Assistance Dogs Australia was the perfect match for us.

What’s one piece of advice you would give to dog owners in the market for new products for their pet?

A cheaper price isn’t always better value for money. In most cases your dog is going to use or wear that product ever day. Shop like you were buying a great pair of heels for yourself.  Look for quality materials and craftsmanship to ensure comfort and durability. A well made and designed product will also look beautiful for much longer.

What does the future hold for Molly Barker?

We have a lot of exciting things planned for the coming year which I can’t say too much about yet so you’ll have to stay tuned.  But one thing I can say is we’re excited to see our label grow and change the pet accessories landscape.

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