Behind the Brand - Benji + Moon

Benji + Moon is a South African brand who works with local artisans to create beautifully designed pet products. We chat with co-owner, Karen, to talk about the story behind Benji + Moon, their amazing charity work, plus what it's like to have SEVEN dogs!

We would love to hear a bit about Benji + Moon, who’s behind it and how it was developed.
Hanneke Schutte Storyteller, Scriptwriter and Director and Karen Carr Advertising Freelance Fixer, we have seven dogs and a cat between us, it’s our shared love for all things four legged (one three legged) and a mutual peeve of having to hide hideous pet bowls and beds when friends came over, that brought what was already our friendship together to launch Benji + Moon.
Where did your brand name come from?
Benji was the first, the original, family beagle that started the love for four legged things and moon, well, loving them to the moon and back.
What makes Benji + Moon products unique?
Benji + Moon was born out of:
- true need for pet products that are functionally designed talking points, rather than an eye sore
- true partnerships with local artisans whose craft deserves encouragement, support and pride of place
- true compassion with 5% of every purchase made going to CLAW (Community Led Animal Welfare) 
We know it’s hard to have favourites, but if you had to choose, what would be your favourite product from your line and why?
Our B+M Puppy Starter Kit, a beautiful box full of all the necessaries for that first much-loved tail with a B+M Leather Collar, Leather Lead, Botanical Dog Shampoo and two small ceramic Bowls we’ve had customers get a puppy to get the kit!
Tell us more about the charity work Benji + Moon does.
We have donated 5% of every purchase to CLAW (Community Led Animal Welfare), along with our time and many a product.
CLAW (Community Led Animal Welfare) provide desperately needed veterinary services to impoverished communities in Johannesburg where conventional vet care is often unavailable. They also provide vital animal care education to pet owners in the poorest township areas.  
With over R20 000 already donated to CLAW to date we also run our B+M Date-a-Dog events at the local Linden Market where 10-12 CLAWbies journey out from Durban Deep Roodepoort to the market to be loved, walked and if the date goes well, adopted. 
With 39 CLAWbies adopted over 4 events to-date, the 6th April brings our 5th market where we hope to make many more CLAWbies much-loved tails.
One dog can be hard to handle at times, what’s it like to have 7 dogs and 1 cat?!
Heaven. Only things stopping us from having more is car size and husbands.
Also, Vanilla our cat is the best dog trainer.
What’s your favourite thing to do with your dogs?
Please don’t make us pick one.
Nap, play ball and explore nature.
What does the future hold for Benji + Moon?
Continued support of local artisans and changed shelter dog lives with a hope to move more into a sustainable and kind material space and culture, perhaps an art exhibition with all proceeds going to CLAW and a SA Fashion Week runway show including CLAWbies up for adoption.
Along with naps, playing ball and exploring nature with the employees regularly.


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