5 Tips for a Pet Friendly Interior

Australia has one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world, according to the RSPCA Knowledge Base. About 62% of Australian households own pets. There are an estimated more than 24 million pets in Australia.

Read our 5 top tips below to create a living space that both you and your pet will love.

1. Fur-Free Couches

As much as we love our fur babies, we don't want our couches to resemble them! A large majority of dogs shed, so if your dog is one of them, choose carefully when buying a couch, as some materials gather fur more than others. Choose leathers or synthetic fibres, and always invest in quality. If your pup loves couch time, don't forget to get the upholstery cleaned regularly. Avoid fabrics that are fur-magnets such as velvet or corduroy. 

2. The Ultimate Bed

One of the most essential elements of a pet-friendly interior is the addition of their own pet bed. When deciding what bed to buy, thing carefully about buying something that will complement the overall style of the rest of your interior. Opt for a super comfortable bed made of high quality materials, creating a space for them to relax and unwind.

3. Easy to Clean Flooring

 Pups don't shower twice a day like we humans do. So keep in mind that their paws might get muddy from time to time. Also, we all know that accidents can happen, so opt for flooring that is easy to clean, such as laminate, stone or ceramic tiles.

4. Think About Your Windows

All pets love to look out the windows and see what's happening outside, or wait for their owners to get home. In the cooler months, you may even find them laying in certain spots of the house where the sun is shining through the windows. Allow them to enjoy their view by opting for lightweight sheer curtains during the day. In bedrooms, we like to use double curtain rods - block-out curtains for the evenings and which can be drawn to reveal shear curtains during the day.

5. Paws Can Be Clumsy

Dogs love running around the house playing with their owners. To avoid valuables breaking as a result of clumsy paws, carefully consider the space in your home. Keep breakables above dog-height, avoid cluttering the floor, and provide them with enough space to play and enjoy themselves.

Inspired by https://www.housebeautiful.com/uk/decorate/a2036/transform-home-pets-sanctuary/