5 Reasons to Invest in a Quality Dog Bed

In case you need more of an excuse to spend money on your good boy or good girl, we've come up with a list of reasons why you should invest in a high-quality bed for your fur child.

1. Long-lasting
Say goodbye to having to buy a new bed for your little companion every year. Spending more on a dog bed means you are investing in something that has been designed to be long-lasting and durable due to the high-quality materials used.
The Duo Dog cushion (pictured) is made with high-resilience foam, ensuring its longevity. The entire range of beds we stock from Labbvenn and MiaCara are all designed to last, using the highest quality materials and craftmanship.
This means that you can buy a dog bed that lasts for years and can grow old alongside your pup.

2. Washable
We're not going to lie - our pups are definitely not one of the best-smelling family members. When your pooch is between washes, you might notice their bed starts to get a little bit of a smell to it.
Enter... the washable bed cover! Buying a bed that has a removable cover that you can wash is a real game-changer, as your dog's bed will no longer be a source of germs, or have a pong to it.
Many of the beds we stock have removable, washable covers such as the gorgeous Velvet beds by Wanderless Barkley ( pictured ).

3. Holds their Shape
Have you ever bought a cheap dog bed with sides, and watched it slowly transform into a pancake in a matter of time due to your pup resting their head on it?
Spend more on a dog bed that's been specifically designed to hold their shape over time.
The MOVIK Bed by Labbvenn (pictured) has been designed so that the sides of the bed are soft but also firm enough to correctly support the head of your napping pup.

4. Your Interior won't be Compromised
You will no longer need to hide your pup's bed in shame when you have friends over.
Buying a gorgeous designer dog bed such as the LOUE bed by Labbvenn (pictured) will be a feature in your interior so you can love it just as much as your fur babe.

5. Support and Comfort
There's a reason your pooch prefers to snuggle up on your bed or the couch rather than the cold floor - they like being comfortable just as much as their human counterparts.
Spending the money on a quality dog bed will ensure you are investing in something that has been designed to support their body and provide utmost comfort.
The Capello Dog Cushion by MiaCara (pictured) features a pre-formed hollow in the middle of the cushion which supports the natural curvature of their body. So their back and spine are cradled in the hollow while their head is able to rest comfortably on the higher sides of the cushion.
Also, the MOVIK beds by Labbvenn are filled with elastic air-permeable foam which perfectly mould's to your dog's body, supporting their spine and giving relief to their joints.

Have we convinced you? Shop our range of beds and treat your furry friend today.